• Cultuurdouche !?



  • Welcome @ Fontys TBK / IE&M

    A Dutch and English welcome message...

  • Welcome to the introduction to Fontys
    Technische Bedrijfskunde / industrial engineering & management​


    This is your first assignment for the study, for which you can obtain a full EC (European Credit).


    The duration of the cultuurdouche is a full week, where you'll be working in learning groups of about 5 people.


    The program is hybrid (physical & virtual), you'll meet your other group members, teachers & also experts from a wide range of companies.


    Your appraisel is based on your group work and an individual reflection.


    On behalf of all the teachers & tutors at Fontys TBK / IEM... Good luck!



    Let's do this! 













  • What ?!

    What is the TBK cultuurdouche (IEM culture shower) all about?

    Cultuurdouche / Culture shower

    What is it about?

    A metaphor for an immersion, get to know Industrial Engineering & Management: the work, the study and the world; by experiencing and researching (by) yourself.


    The goal is to enable students to:​

    1. create their own view & understanding of IE&M / TBK

    2. work in teams

    3. learn to deal with uncertainty

    4. creatively (re)imagine & transfer insights to others

    5. reflect individually on what they’ve learned


    And in the meanwhile using 'The Martian' movie as metaphor, create an IE&M / TBK Expo, deal with curiosity, excitement and maybe a little frustration but most of all have fun! 😀


    Get organised!


    It's in the details,

    read & discuss the materials



  • Links & materials

    Click the pictures to access the materials

    Study overview NL

    The year in one view

    Study overview IE&M

    The year in one view

    Link to the MS Team

    To link up with your team mates! Click the picture

    Overview business parks region Einhoven

    Use this to find your business park

    Canvas NL

    Om je verslag in te uploaden!

    Canvas IE&M

    For uploading your notes

    The slides 


  • Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde - introductie film (Sorry, Dutch only... yet cool images) !

  • Teamwork !


    You'll be working together -in learning teams- to create a:

    Expo of Industrial Engineering & Management


    Which answers the question:

    What is Industrial Engineering & Management?



    During this process we provide you with various inputs:

    this website, a company visit, (virtual) classes, interviews with experts & more...


    It's your job to find (read: create) your way together !


    When you have a question, follow these steps:

    1) First ask yourself (again)

    2) Then ask your team mates

    3) Google it! Or visit this website

    4) Ask a teacher


    ' Alone I go faster.

    together we go further... '


  • Learn different things from different companies & make metaphors at different levels:



    Products / Services

    Processes / Flows

    Business Models



    Team Work





  • TBK / IEM focusses on a helicopter view of organisations & systems, using the MOTE-model:




    Mens/Mileu - Organisatie - Techniek - Economie (- Logistiek)



    Manpower - Organisation - Technology - Economy (- Logistics)


  • The experts ?! 🎤

    These people dedicate their valuable time to you... use it wisely & with respect!


    Prepare for all the experts, you'll interview 5 or 6!
    Google them and find them on Linkedin !


    Check below for the actual planning & timing! ⬇️ ⏱


    TBK / IEM experts

    De deskundigen

    Eric van Melick (ASML)

    Rutger Kruitwagen (Isobouw)

    Ludo Nuijens (NieuweStroom)

    Ruud Schuttel (BAM Wonen)

    Ruud Geers (DeNederlandscheBank)

    Marielle van Cauteren (AAE bv)

    Martin de Ruiter (FloraHolland)

    Martijn Deitmers (DHL Express)

    Manita Schrieks (Isobouw)

    Johan Zentjens (LouwersHanique)

    Arjan Voorbij (Autntic)

    Werner Geurts van Kessel (Xidoor)

    Hans Kokhuis (CreaSynth)

    Lucas Bock (TMC)

    Frank van den Broek (Supply Chain junction) 🎥 👨🏻‍💻

    Raoul Bosboom (Fontys)
    Kees Janssen (Bechtle direct BV)

    Annet Goltstein (AnnetGoltstein.nl)
    Rene Hartman (ReneHartman.nl)
    Ramon Vullings (RamonVullings.com)


    Prepare for all experts (as the schedule will change)!

  • The interviews ! 🎤


    This interview schedule will change...

    If you spot any errors... please inform Mr. Vullings ;-)

  • The interviews ! 🎤






    Do your research! #nokidding

  • Business Park Tour...

    Try to get an appointment & guided tour...

  • Company insights...

    introduction videos relevant for TBK & IEM

    DAF Trucks

    Working as a production engineer

    Philips: HTC

    Inside the High Tech Campus

    VDL: intro (NL)

    Werken bij VDL

    Signify: Development

    Working as a development engineer

    Brainport: connect

    The Brainport eco-system




    Take time to reflect


  • Good luck!

    And when you get really stuck...

    When stuck... start by asking:

    1. Yourself
    2. Your team mates
    3. Google
    4. Teachers

    Technical Problems ?!

    Whatthe*(&(*)(%(!@ !

    If you run into a technical problem, please contact the Fontys Helpdesk


    Only if you are in 'real' trouble...

    Ramon Vullings

    email: ramon.vullings@fontys.nl

    mobile: +32496234007

    Credits / Cause ?!

    This a Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK) Production

    The culture shower / cultuurdouche is the content (not beer 🍻) based introduction to Fontys Industrial Engineering & Management / Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde: fontys.nl/fhBEnT


    Designed and facilitated by Ramon Vullings, Annet Goltstein powered by the whole Fontys TBK / IE&M team and based on the original design and thinking by Hans Kokhuis.