• Cultuurdouche !?



  • Welcome to the introduction to Fontys
    Technische Bedrijfskunde / industrial engineering & management​


    This is your first assignment for the study, for which you can obtain a full EC (European Credit).


    The duration of the cultuurdouche is a full week, where you'll be working in learning groups of about 5 people.


    The program is hybrid (physical & virtual), you'll meet your other group members, teachers & also experts from a wide range of companies.


    Your appraisel is based on your group work and an individual reflection.


    On behalf of all the teachers & tutors at Fontys TBK / IEM... Good luck!

  • What ?!

    What is the TBK cultuurdouche (IEM culture shower) all about?

    Cultuurdouche / Culture shower

    What is it about?

    A metaphor for an immersion, get to know Industrial Engineering & Management: the work, the study and the world; by experiencing and researching (by) yourself.


    The goal is to enable students to:​

    1. create their own view & understanding of IE&M / TBK

    2. work in teams

    3. learn to deal with uncertainty

    4. creatively (re)imagine & transfer insights to others

    5. reflect individually on what they’ve learned


    And in the meanwhile using 'The LEGO movie' movie as metaphor, create an IE&M / TBK Expo, deal with curiosity, excitement and maybe a little frustration but most of all have fun! 😀

  • Links & materials


    Studiehandleiding NL

    The outline of the project in one view

    Study manual ENG

    The outline of the project in one view

    Link to the MS Team

    To link up with your team mates! Click the picture

    Slides from the first days!

    The outline & assignment, click the picture!

    LEGO Brand Case Study

    strategy throughout the years

    LEGO Strategy Study

    strategy throughout the years

    LEGO Strategy Report

    strategy and value creation



    Let's do this! 













  • The Assignment 🎯

    Group assignment (50% evaluation)

    • Research the LEGO company
    • Focus on a LEGO business unit: product, process, market positioning, organizational structure, partnerships, sustainability, data, production, safety, society, personnel, logistics, robotics, ...
    • Do an IEM analysis of that business unit (MOTE)
    • Come up with improvement proposals (change) for LEGO
    • Present your case & proposals for improvement at the IEM EXPO


    Personal reflection & assessment (50% evaluation)

    • Keep a report in a logbook (for yourself).
    • Use this as input for:

           - Or: Make a wonderful mind map on A3/A2 

           - Or: Make an amazing 2 minute video 

          with your personal learnings from this culture shower




    By going through this process, you will figure out your own answer to the question:

    What is industrial engineering & management? 


    By working -as team- through your LEGO case and presenting your concept during the expo. 

    And finally reflecting on this yourself!


    TIP: Use LEGO as case and metaphor

    De opdracht 🎯

    Groepsopdracht (50% beoordeling)

    • Doe onderzoek naar het bedrijf LEGO
    • Focus op een bedrijfsonderdeel van LEGO: product, proces, marktpositionering, organisatiestructuur, partnerships, duurzaamheid, data, productie, veiligheid, maatschappij, personeel, logistiek, robotica, …
    • Doe een TBK analyse van dat bedrijfsonderdeel (MOTE)
    • Kom met verbetervoorstellen (verandering) voor LEGO
    • Presenteer jullie case & verbetervoorstellen op de TBK EXPO


    Individuele opdracht: Persoonlijke reflectie (50% beoordeling)

    • Houd een verslag bij middels een logboek (dat doe je voor jezelf)
    • En gebruik dat voor het maken van:

          - Of: Maak een mooie mind map op A3/A2 

          - Of: Maak een geweldige 2 minuten video 

          met jouw persoonlijke lering van deze cultuurdouche





    Door samen door dit proces te gaan, zul je je eigen antwoord vinden op de vraag: 

    Wat is Technische Bedrijfskunde? 


    Door samen te werken aan jullie LEGO case en jullie concept te presenteren op de expo. 

    En om dan uiteindelijk zelf hierop te reflecteren.


    TIP: Gebruik LEGO als case en metafoor

  • Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde - introductie film (Sorry, Dutch only... yet cool images) !

  • How LEGO started..!

  • How LEGO Minifigures are made! A relevant process overview for IE&M !

  • Teamwork !


    You'll be working together -in learning teams- to create a:

    Expo of Industrial Engineering & Management


    Which answers the question:

    What is Industrial Engineering & Management? 


    Using LEGO as case and as metaphor.


    During this process we provide you with various inputs: 

    this website, (virtual) classes, interviews with experts & more...


    It's your job to find (read: create) your way together !


    When you have a question, follow these steps:

    1) First ask yourself (again)

    2) Then ask your team mates

    3) Google it! Or visit this website

    4) Ask a teacher


    ' Alone I go faster.

    together we go further... '


  • Learn different things from different companies & make metaphors at different levels:



    Products / Services

    Processes / Flows

    Business Models



    Team Work





  • TBK / IEM focusses on a helicopter view of organisations & systems, using the MOTE-model:




    Mens/Mileu - Organisatie - Techniek - Economie (- Logistiek)



    Manpower - Organisation - Technology - Economy (- Logistics)


  • Input on themes 🕵️‍♀️🕵🏻‍♂️

    Here are some starting points for your desk-research: videos, articles, Slideshares, ...

    Check them out, do your own (web)research, read, watch & make notes...


    And then... draw your own conclusion

    on how your keywords / themes relate to industrial engineering & management !

  • LEGO Serious Play in Business

    Manager Tim develops a strategy...

    Use LEGO in multiple ways...

  • Learning



    " the acquisition of knowledge or skills

    through study, experience, or being taught. "




    The interviews ! 🎤







  • Question tips!

    Can you ask better questions?


    Check out this good outline by Michael Hyatt: '20 questions to ask leaders'.


  • Company insights...

    introduction videos relevant for TBK & IEM

    DAF Trucks

    Working as a production engineer

    Philips: HTC

    Inside the High Tech Campus

    VDL: intro (NL)

    Werken bij VDL

    Signify: Development

    Working as a development engineer

    Brainport: connect

    The Brainport eco-system

  • CollegeTour

    In-depth interviews with Business Leaders (Q&A and reflection)

    Davy van Iersel​ - Fujitsu (NL article)

    Oud TBK student, nu managing director.

    Reed Hastings - Netflix (ENG)

    10 rules for success

    Pieter Zwart - Coolblue (NL)

    Interview over starten & groeien

  • Your reflection

    This is your learning, you need to capture it! Your grade will be based your efforts during the week and based on the quality of your mind map or video. 


    Log book 📙 


    Keep a physical log book of your experiences.


    Make notes on crucial information and your own reflection.


    So NOT WHAT you did, yet HOW you experienced things.

    What was your attitude/reaction and what changed in your thinking?


    How did you perform? How did you fulfil your role, changed in your mind / behaviour?


    What amazed you? What frustrated you?

    What did you like / love?

    Who inspired you?



    Your most important learnings / take-aways / insights?!


    IEM Expo 👩‍🎨

    (group work)

    Create an Expo of Industrial Engineering & Management.


    Together with your group -based on your case- you investigate what IE&M is all about.


    Then, using LEGO as a metaphor(!), you create an expo piece outlining your idea / concept / direction / solution for LEGO.


    Your expo piece shows your deeper understanding of IE&M.


    So, use an IEM model for your analysis. 


    Be creative! Your expo piece can be a physical installation, or digital like a video, a game use or not use LEGO bricks... 


    Make sure you amaze us (teachers & other groups...  and yourself)! 


    Mind map or video 🎨 🎥 (individual)

    Create a beautiful mind map or video (individual).


    Capture your personal reflection in a mind map or 2" video.


    Theme: your individual insights & learnings from the cultuurdouche.


    Check back on your logbook to see your notes & reflections.


    Make a draft mind map (see: how to make a mind map) and only then the final one. A mind map is also a very good basis for a cool & interesting video!


    Put effort in the design and quality of describing & showing your reflection.


    Submit your mind map or (hidden) video link in the Fontys Gradework system.


  • Mind map ?!

    Check here for guidelines. Note: a mind map is a great start for your video...

    The mind map



    Your individual insights & learnings from the cultuurdouche.


    To pass the requirements for your INDIVIDUAL mindmap, we grade these aspects:

    1. is created using a large white A3 or A2 sheet (don’t use taped A4 sheets)
    2. must be drawn by hand and colourful, containing drawings and not just text
    3. answers at least 5 of the reflection questions (see below)
    4. has 6 or more branches, multiple information layers, so use main lines and details
    5. has a minimum of 350 words! So write paragraphs (not just keywords)!

    Make a few draft designs... only then your final full color & hand drawn picture powered mind map!


    So... NO M.O.T.E. yet focus on YOUR EXPERIENCE, YOUR INSIGHTS, YOUR (META) TAKE-AWAYS from this week...!


    The Gradework link (for submission) will be posted in the MS Teams !

  • Reflection in your mind map or 2" video...

    Questions to provide answers to, in your mind map or 2 minute video!

    Answer at least 5 of the questions below in your mind map or video:


    • How do I look back on the week?
    • What moments made a key impression on me this week?
    • What more questions would I have liked to ask?
    • How have I sufficiently challenged myself and my thinking ability?
    • How satisfied am I with our expo presentation?
    • What could our team have done even better?
    • When did we start working together better?
    • What have I learned about myself through the teamwork?
    • What have I learned from the expo (from other groups)?
    • What has clearly led to a better understanding of Industrial Engineering and Management?
    • What would I do differently next time?
    • How do I deal with uncertainty?
    • How has my thinking changed?
    • What I really learned was…
    • ...



    Take time to reflect


  • Good luck!

    And when you get really stuck...

    When stuck... start by asking:

    1. Yourself
    2. Your team mates
    3. Google
    4. Teachers

    Technical Problems ?!

    Whatthe*(&(*)(%(!@ !

    If you run into a technical problem, please contact the Fontys Helpdesk


    Only if you are in 'real' trouble...

    Ramon Vullings

    email: ramon.vullings@fontys.nl

    mobile: +32496234007

    Credits / Cause ?!

    This a Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde (TBK) Production

    The culture shower / cultuurdouche is the content (not beer 🍻) based introduction to Fontys Industrial Engineering & Management / Fontys Technische Bedrijfskunde: fontys.nl/fhBEnT


    Designed and facilitated by Ramon Vullings, Annet Goltstein powered by the whole Fontys TBK / IE&M team and based on the original design and thinking by Hans Kokhuis.